Shared Dreams

 Exhibition at Oulu Art Museum 5 October 2019–26 January 2020

 Image © Mika Friman

The Heino Art Foundation collection is one of the foremost collections of contemporary art in Finland. Acquired by Mr Raimo Heino, Mrs Raini Heino and their son Rauli Heino, an art historian and gallery owner, the collection comprises more than 1,400 works of art by 223 artists dating from the 1950s until present day. Mr and Mrs Heino made their first purchases in the 1970s and the collection, which mainly features contemporary art, has continue to grow rapidly over the decades since. The acquisitions have been informed by the owners’ shared tastes and preferences.

Due to its size and diversity, the collection offers curators vast scope for creativity. At the Oulu Museum of Art exhibition, the focus of Shared Dreams - Works from the Heino Art Foundation collection will be on “surrealism”, although none of the featured artists or their artworks are generally considered to represent the movement itself. The exhibition takes its cue from Vladimir Nabokov’s observation that the word “reality” is meaningless without quotation marks. Artists are masterful at taking “reality” and re-creating it, stretching and bending it and sharing it. The featured works, by some 60 artists, are an opportunity for visitors to dive into a veritable ocean of strange and wonderful visions and imaginings and to leave everyday life behind, as surreal as that too may at times seem.

The exhibition is jointly produced by the Oulu Museum of Art and the Heino Art Foundation and curated by Elina Vieru.

The Artists in the Collection

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Images of the Works in the Exhibition

  • OULUN_TAIDEMUSEO_Nostokuvat Anssi_Jskelainen_Epkorrektia_2004_sekatekniikka_113_x_76_cm__Heinon_taidestio_kuva_Pertti_Krki
    Anssi Jääskeläinen, Epäkorrektia, 2004
    öljy, värikynä ja pellavaöljyvernissa paperille
    113 x 76 cm
  • OULUN_TAIDEMUSEO_Nostokuvat AlaMaunus-LaLaLand
    Petri Ala-Maunus, La La Land, 2012
    öljy kankaalle
    170 x 170 cm
  • OULUN_TAIDEMUSEO_Nostokuvat Anne_Tompuri_Kasvot_14_2014_guassi_ja_pigmentti_kankaalle_115_x_115_cm__Kuva_Tommi_Khr
    Anne Tompuri, Kasvot # 14, 2014
    guassi ja pigmentti kankaalle
    115 x 115 cm
  • OULUN_TAIDEMUSEO_Nostokuvat Hytonen-Kylassa_2
    Petri Hytönen, Kylässä, 2005
    vesiväri ja mustesuihkutuloste paperille
    225 x 456 cm
  • OULUN_TAIDEMUSEO_Nostokuvat Hyttinen-PitkinMetsanreunaa_2
    Niilo Hyttinen, Pitkin metsänreunaa lähestyvä mies, 1994
    öljy kankaalle
    100.5 x 131 cm
  • OULUN_TAIDEMUSEO_Nostokuvat Marja_Piril_PuhuvaTalo_12_2006_pigmenttimustevedos_115_x_90_cm__Marja_Piril
    Marja Pirilä, Puhuva talo # 12, 2006
    pigmenttivedos paperille
    149 x 115 cm
  • OULUN_TAIDEMUSEO_Nostokuvat Pekka_Jylh_2000_tytetty_porsas_ja_pallot_60_x_100_x_40_cm__Kuva_Jussi_Tiainen
    Pekka Jylhä, Sirkus, 2000
    täytetty porsas, pyörivät pallot
    60 x 100 x 40 cm
  • OULUN_TAIDEMUSEO_Nostokuvat Pyykko-JokinMeissa_2
    Kimmo Pyykkö, Jokin meissä, 1975
    100 x 80 x 85 cm
  • OULUN_TAIDEMUSEO_Nostokuvat Sunna-Tango
    Mari Sunna, Tango, 2011
    öljy kankaalle
    120,5 x 90,5 cm